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Code of Conduct

Click here to download our Code of Conduct PDF.

Do you have any other products besides the silicone ID Emblem?

Yes, see our other products here!

How can I order some MedicAlert brochures?

Contact our Admin office by phone, fax or e-mail

How do I report a lost or found MedicAlert bracelet/necklace?

Contact our Admin office by phone, fax or e-mail

How long does it take to receive my order/product?

Processing of the personalised emblem takes 6 to 10 working days. Thereafter the time for receipt thereof depends on the type of delivery chosen: Registered post takes between 3 and 10 days, while Courier/Speed Post is a two-day delivery.

Do you provide a registration service for advance decisions?

Yes. We keep this information on our members’ records, and a copy of members’ advance decisions, if supplied, on file.

How often can I update my information?

As often as is needed, providing the annual membership fee has been paid. Please complete the online application form or email, and you will be emailed a copy of your current details to make the necessary amendments.

What if my information changes? How do I update my medical information?

Please notify our Admin office as soon as information changes. Annual Members will receive an update form with their annual renewal reminder letter. Previous “Lifetime” Members: Please contact us if you have not recently received an update advice.

What MedicAlert bracelets do you recommend for babies and toddlers?

The small emblem (A1 on application forms). The chain can be shortened to fit their wrist. Smaller discs are available in gold and sterling silver – please contact us for details. Small silicone bands are also available.

Who would benefit from MedicAlert membership?

People of all ages:

  • with any type of hidden medical condition;
  • with allergies;
  • with any type of implant;
  • taking regular medication;
  • who would like their blood group to be recorded;
  • with an advance decision;
  • with organ-donation wishes;
  • or who simply want someone else to know if they have been in an emergency.

How many members does MedicAlert have?

We have registered more than 560 000 members since 1964.

What information is engraved on the medic alert bracelet or necklace?

Firstly, two vital pieces of information are always included on your MedicAlert emblem. They are: Your Membership identification number and the telephone number of MedicAlert’s 24-hour Emergency Hotline.

The third piece of information is the engraving specific to your needs. The next question is: Do you have any specific wishes that you would like incorporated in the emblem?

For instance, is the emblem primarily for someone with a mental illness/disability or for someone with a heart or respiratory condition? Will the emblem be mainly used as an identity device for a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s? Will it be used to notify first responders of an allergy?

The information you supply will be considered when MedicAlert sets up our custom engraving profile. MedicAlert will also follow the instructions of your doctor, if necessary. If we feel there is any ambiguity we will contact you.

Can I put more information on the larger emblem?

Larger emblems usually do have the capacity to include more engraving when they are first engraved.

Once engraved, however, adding additional information to any emblem may be possible but it is not guaranteed or necessarily recommended. This is a case-by-case circumstance dependent on what is being requested and the remaining space available.

The condition of your emblem’s engraving should also be considered, as it is not possible to re-engrave over the existing engraving.

I only need a medic alert bracelet. Why do I have to become a member?

MedicAlert offers much more than a piece of jewellery. It offers peace of mind through a vital fully supported service. Our products are linked to a membership and here is why it is extremely important to have the two together.

MedicAlert is trusted by clinicians because we provide a service that keeps your vital information available at all times. MedicAlert is your voice when you cannot speak for yourself.

You can ensure your medical record is up to date at any time. MedicAlert will process these updates for you whenever you notify us. This service is all-inclusive in your annual membership service fee.

Our 24/7 Emergency Hotline service provides the first responder with additional information as listed on your MedicAlert records.

Your unique membership ID number located on the back of the emblem allows the health or emergency responder to access our 24/7 Emergency Hotline should they require any additional information regarding your health condition, current medications or names and telephone numbers of your emergency contacts, all of which is hosted on a secure, confidential system.

MedicAlert provides a Customer Care line, available during normal business hours. You can contact one of our friendly consultants by calling 086 111 2979, e-mailing or faxing 021 425 6654.

All of these services are included in your annual membership service fee.

How do I join?

Complete our application form online, or alternatively request a form from our office (call 086 111 2979).

Why should I join MedicAlert?

If you are taking any medication on an ongoing basis, have a medical condition that could be life-threatening or are allergic to drugs, food or environmental elements (for example bee stings, pollen, etc), then you need MedicAlert.

MedicAlert ensures your vital medical information is immediately known to emergency healthcare providers. It gives any first responder an opportunity of providing informed first aid and will speak for you when you cannot. Without MedicAlert’s medical identification and 24-hour hotline service, you are leaving your emergency care at risk, especially when every second counts.

What happens if a MedicAlert member is found and unable to communicate?

In an emergency, medical personnel have immediate access to vital information on the back of the MedicAlert disc. By phoning the emergency number, they can also gain further medical and personal information such as the member’s name and address, doctor’s details, current drug therapy and next of kin.

Our emergency call centre is able to assist in all the official languages.

How does MedicAlert work?

MedicAlert members wear a custom-made bracelet or necklace (known as an Emblem) engraved with their personal identification number, main medical condition(s) and the 24-hour emergency telephone number. Each tailor-made Emblem bears the internationally recognised symbol for medicine.

How does my donation help?

MedicAlert® Foundation of Southern Africa is a non-profit, member-based charitable organisation that relies solely on donations, service and product fees to provide service to its members. MedicAlert receives no government funding.

Donations allow us to keep the cost of the service to a minimum for all members.

Special donations can be made to the Uncedo project, which is a fund set up to provide emblems for those who cannot afford to purchase them.

We can provide Section 18(A) certificates for your donation to submit with your tax return.

How can I make a donation?

Visit our donations page and select the option most suited to you.

Our Banking Details

Bank: Absa, Heerengracht, Cape Town
Branch Code: 632005
Account Number: 4055392303
Account Name: MedicAlert
Use your Membership Number or Name & Area of Residence as the reference & fax copy with application form to 021 425 6654

Do I have to worry about additional costs if taken to hospital while incapacitated?

MedicAlert is not a medical aid, and thus does not cover hospital costs. A separate policy is available for accidental injury cover.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Should you wish to cancel your membership at any time, this should be done in writing to our Admin office.


A member may only return goods purchased from MedicAlert® and receive a full refund, as per Sections 20, 56, 16, 19(5), 19(8), and 55(3) of the Consumer Protection Act (no. 68 of 2008) (“the CPA”), if:

(a) The goods received are unsafe or defective;
(b) The goods were purchased as a result of direct marketing and the member has rescinded the agreement during the cooling-off period, as defined in the CPA, and notice in writing is given to MedicAlert® within five (5) business days after the later of the date on which-
(i) the agreement was concluded; or
(ii) the goods were delivered to the member.
Such goods will therefore be returnable at the members risk and expense within 10 business days after delivery;
(c) The member did not have an opportunity to examine the goods before delivery and the member has rejected delivery of those goods for any of the following reasons:
(i) the goods are not of a type and quality reasonably contemplated in the agreement with MedicAlert® or
(ii) in the case of a special-order agreement, the goods do not reasonably conform to the material specifications of the special order;
(d) The goods delivered to the member are mixed with goods of a different description not contemplated in the agreement with MedicAlert® and the member has rejected delivery of all of the goods;
(e) The goods delivered to the member were intended to satisfy a particular purpose, which purpose must have been communicated clearly to MedicAlert® and the goods have been found to be unsuitable for that particular communicated purpose. The member must return the goods to MedicAlert® within 10 business days after delivery.

Should any goods be returned in accordance with the above provisions, MedicAlert® will refund to the member the purchase price paid by the member, less any reasonable amount that may be charged by MedicAlert® for:

(a) the use of the goods whilst in the member’s possession; or
(b) any consumption or depletion of the goods; or
(c) the necessary restoration costs to render the goods fit for re-stocking, which shall include the associated costs of engraving.
The above return and refund policy does not apply if –
(a) a public regulation prohibits the return of the those goods to a supplier; or
(b) the goods have been partially or entirely disassembled, physically altered, permanently installed, affixed, attached, joined or added to,
blended or combined with, or embedded within, other goods or property after having being supplied to, or at the direction of, the member; or
(c) The member has simply changed his / her mind and no longer wants the goods that he / she has purchased from MedicAlert®.


MedicAlert® undertakes to provide safe and good quality goods to all members in accordance with Sections 56 and 57 of the Consumer Protection Act (no. 68 of 2008). For the purposes of this warranty, goods are considered to be safe and of good quality if they:

(a) are reasonably suitable for the purpose for which they are generally intended;
(b) are of good quality, in good working order and free from any defects;
(c) will be useable and durable for a reasonable period of time, having regard to the use for which they would normally be put and to all the surrounding circumstances of their supply, fair wear and tear excepted; and
(d) comply with any applicable standards as set under the Standards Act (no. 29 of 1993) or any other public regulation.

Should the goods supplied to a member fail to satisfy the above requirements and standards, the member can return the goods to MedicAlert® within a period of six (6) months after delivery of the goods and shall be entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced by MedicAlert®, alternatively to be refunded the price paid for the goods.

In the instances where goods are returned to MedicAlert® for repair and they are so repaired, the warranty on the repair is valid for a period of three (3) months after the date of such repair, fair wear and tear excepted.

This warranty does not apply:

(a) if the member has been expressly informed that particular goods were offered in a specific condition;
(b) if the member has expressly agreed to accept the goods in the afore-stated condition, or knowingly acted in a manner consistent with accepting the goods in that condition;
(c) where the goods delivered to the member have been altered in any fashion by a member;
(d) where the member has damaged, abused or misused the goods;
(e) in cases of fair wear and tear, having regard to the circumstances in which the goods are intended to ordinarily be used and having regard to the nature and materials of the goods.

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa & MasterCard

Will my medical aid cover MedicAlert services?

Not at this stage. We have been allocated a NAPI code, and are currently negotiating with the medical aids.

Will my rates go up the more I use the service?


I don't live in the same town as my parents, but want to buy it for them, what do I do?

You may submit and pay for an application on their behalf, and we will have it delivered to them.

Can I automatically renew my membership each year?

Yes, by signing a debit order authorisation.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, your membership is renewed annually.

How much does it cost?

The benefits and costs of our offerings differ. Please click here to view our product offerings and costs.